Menopause Awareness

I became interested in this topic for the simple reason that it started affecting me.

Skilling-up Future Generations

One of the main reasons I entered politics is to make sure young people have the skills they need to get on in life and strive to aspire to reach those highly paid and highly skilled jobs. We can only achieve this if we make sure young people have the opportunities to learn these skills.

Fighting for the Right Development

As a growing town, we all understand that new houses need to be built to make sure families have room to grow, and to enable young people to live in the town or village in which they were born.

Fighting for Better Transport Links

Great transport services, whether it be regular bus services, fast and reliable train links or a better road network, they are all absolutely vital in helping residents move around our beautiful constituency.

Broadband Quality

In a constituency like Redditch good quality broadband has become essential to many homes and businesses. 

The Alex

I recognise that the people of Redditch and the surrounding areas have deep concerns about their healthcare services, and they care passionately about the delivery of these services.


As a businesswoman in the West Midlands region for many years, Rachel understands the dedication and commitment it takes to start and grow a business. Rachel is keen to support local businesses in Redditch as much as possible.


On 29th March 2017, Theresa May respected and carried out the will of the people by enacting Article 50 to begin the formal process of leaving the EU.