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Rachel’s Westminster Diary

Tomorrow (December 12th) will mark one year since the 2019 general election. It continues to be the honour of my life to serve as Redditch’s Member of Parliament. I remain grateful and humbled that I was re-elected with more than 60% of the vote. I have and never will take any of my constituents’ votes for granted.

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Rachel welcomes the Prime Minister’s new Brexit deal

“The Prime Minister’s new Brexit deal is a fair and reasonable offer to the EU. The UK has compromised, and it’s now over to the EU to do the same and accept the offer on the table. If they do not then we will leave without a deal, but this will be down to the EU’s intransigence, not the British Government.”

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Statement on Queen’s Speech announcement

The public expect us to deal with new challenges of government and so a new session is needed for the government to introduce key legislation on the NHS, to fight violent crime, invest in infrastructure and science and cut the cost of living.

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