In November 2019, Rachel secured a Town Deal worth up to £25 million for Redditch. Redditch is just one of 101 towns across England invited by the Government to develop proposals to bid for the up to £25 million.

November 2019

Rachel secured the up to £25 million Town Deal for Redditch.

The funding – which will represent the single largest Government investment in Redditch the town has ever seen – will be used to make Redditch a town fit for the 21st Century.

It will be used to invest in skills, digital manufacturing, green infrastructure, town centre regeneration and transport improvements.

January 2020

The Town Deal Board, made up of local business people, community leaders, council leaders and Rachel, meets for the first time.

The Board will develop the vision and strategy for the Town Deal.

As well as the Government funding available to Redditch, it’s also hoped the Town Deal will act as a catalyst for further private investment in our town.

This Town Deal will allow us to continue unlocking Redditch’s full potential.

November 2020

A public consultation is held so residents can have their say on the next steps to regenerate Redditch as part of the Town Deal process.

January 2021

The Town Investment Plan is unanimously backed by all Councillors on Redditch Borough Council and submitted to Government for approval.


Rachel welcomes Council’s approval of Redditch’s Town Deal bid

“I strongly believe this Town Investment Plan will not only unlock the Government funding available to Redditch, it will also act as a catalyst for further private investment in our town.

Redditch to benefit from £1 million investment to unlock the town’s full potential

It’s been confirmed Redditch will receive £1 million from this fund to spend on projects across the town this year. This is an advance on the up to £25 million Town Deal Redditch was awarded in 2019.

Work on Redditch’s Town Deal bid continues

Last week, Redditch’s Town Deal Board met again to discuss the progress that had been made in developing the town’s bid to access the funding it has been allocated by the Government.

Rachel issues rallying call ahead of inaugural Redditch Town Deal meeting

“We must seize this moment” – that’s the rallying call from Rachel ahead of the inaugural meeting of the Redditch Town Deal Board.

Rachel encourages residents to share ideas on how new Town Deal for Redditch should be invested

Rachel is urging residents to have their say on how a Town Deal worth up to £25 million for Redditch should be invested.

Rachel’s lobbying pays off as Redditch selected for £25million Town Deal

Rachel has described as “amazing” the announcement that Redditch is set to receive £25 million in funding from the Government for a Town Deal.