A new law which will see tougher prison sentences for the worst animal abusers has been welcomed by Rachel.

Last Wednesday (June 26th), Environment Secretary Michael Gove introduced the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill to Parliament.

The Bill means that animal abusers could face up to five years in prison, a significant increase from the current maximum sentence of just six months.

The new law will allow the courts to be able to take a tougher approach to cases such as dog fighting, abuse of puppies and kittens, or gross neglect of farm animals.

This will make it one of the toughest sanctions in Europe, strengthening the UK’s position as a global leader on animal welfare.

A public consultation on the proposals last year found 70% of people supported the proposals for tougher prison sentences.

This comes on the heels of other measures to protect animals including Lucy’s Law and Finn’s Law.

In welcoming the Bill, Rachel said:

“Animal abusers are the lowest of the low and deserve to be punished and to face the full weight of the law.

“As the owner of two rescue dogs, I simply can’t imagine how anyone could abuse, neglect or torture animals.

“Like me, I’m sure my constituents will welcome tougher sentences for animal abusers as we ensure the UK remains the best place in the world for the care and protection of animals.”