Watching the news this week the coverage of the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham was dominated by Brexit, but there was so much else going on, not least my party’s vision for the UK post-Brexit.

Of course, Brexit was going to be at the top of agenda, and it is the Conservative Party which is determined to deliver the result of the 2016 referendum. This week the Prime Minister made it clear once again that there will not be a second referendum and that it is only the Conservative Party which will deliver Brexit.

However, all the talk of Brexit has drowned out the Conservative’s vision for our country post-Brexit. I became a Conservative because I believe that, no matter your background, everyone should be able to get on in life and achieve their ambitions. And that was the message at this year’s conference – opportunity for all.

And this week the Government announced a series of measures and policies to ensure opportunity is available to everyone in Redditch and across the country. From reforms to apprenticeships, giving more people who work hard the opportunity to access high quality apprenticeships, to banning deductions from tips to boost pay for workers on low wages, to a package of measures to speed up the delivery of new homes, helping people to get a foot on the housing ladder (I could go on), it is the Conservative Party delivering for people in Redditch and across the UK.

One announcement I very much welcome this week is the £240million injection into the social care system to ease pressure on the NHS this winter. This money will get people who do not need to be in hospital, but do need care, back home, so we can free up vital hospital beds. I will of course make sure that our Acute Trust gets its fair share of this funding to ensure we don’t see a repeat of last winter at the Alex and Worcestershire Royal.

As a country we must now come together and be ambitious about our future. Of course, we’re never all going to agree on everything, but I’m sure we can all agree that the UK should become a country where opportunity is available to all.