Rachel Maclean, MP for Redditch County, has said the Queen’s Speech, which was delivered yesterday (Wednesday), will have direct relevance to the residents of Redditch, with measures intended to strengthen the economy so the NHS and the Alexandra Hospital can be well funded as promised.

The Queen’s Speech traditionally marks the start of the Parliamentary year and sets out the program for Government for the period ahead.

Rachel said: “Amid the pomp and ceremony, which I had the privilege of seeing for the first time, people are asking me what it actually means for us here in Redditch.

“First, I welcome the focus on Brexit, as 62 per cent of people in Redditch voted to leave the EU. But we need to get Brexit right, delivering the result of last year’s referendum in a way that commands maximum public support. While this will be a Government that consults and listens, we are clear we are going to see Brexit through.

“People in Redditch can be assured I will be scrutinising the legislation closely to ensure local jobs and businesses are protected while we transition through this period.”
Rachel said that a smooth and orderly transition was a priority, maximising certainty.

“As a small business owner for most of my career, I understand well that certainty about the future is what businesses need most to plan ahead.”

At the same time, immigration is a concern for many. Rachel is pleased to see that an immigration bill will be introduced, ensuring flexibility to create a fair and controlled immigration system.

“This will give us control over the numbers of people who come to the UK from the EU, whilst welcoming those with the skills and expertise to make our nation better,” she added.

Housing has also been an issue here in Redditch. Rachel is committed to seeing local residents being able to afford a home of their own, providing security for them to raise their families. The new MP is committed to working for affordable housing, in the right place with adequate infrastructure, and this is also set out in the Queen’s Speech. Also on the agenda is a commitment to continue to build a world-class education system by ensuring every child has the opportunity to attend a good school and all schools are fairly funded.

Rachel said: “I’m also pleased to see an affirmed commitment towards mental health provision. Local services working together across our area can do a great job, and I know from my own experience how important it is that mental health problems are picked up and treated early. Often that way, people can get the support they need to lead healthy lives.”