We are the fifth largest economy in the world, and the second largest economy in Europe. Theresa May is right – the EU should treat the UK with more respect.

I have always been open about the fact I voted remain, but I have since been very clear that I would now vote to leave. The behaviour of the EU last week in Salzburg left me feeling absolutely furious. Why would we want to be part of a club that treats their members this way?

The people of Redditch won’t be bullied, patronised or told they didn’t know what they voted for. They’re sick of being sneered at by the EU. I’m very glad to hear the Prime Minister’s reaffirmed commitment to what 17.4million people voted for.

While Labour are fighting amongst themselves at their conference in Liverpool this week over whether or not they will back a second referendum, Theresa May could not be more clear: no second referendum. We had a “People’s Vote” in 2016 which saw 62% of voters in Redditch vote to leave the EU. There will be no reruns of that vote, no attempts to keep us in the EU through the backdoor, the UK will be leaving the EU on March 29th 2019.

I fully understand and appreciate how strongly people who do not want to leave the EU feel about this issue and it is impossible to please everyone. However, it is my job to act in the best interests of Redditch and ensure that the final Brexit deal is one that ensures our future prosperity.

I really do hope in the next few weeks the EU will drop their arrogant approach and get back round the negotiating table and treat our Prime Minister and the UK with some respect. A good deal is still possible and it is in both the UK’s and the EU’s interests to secure a good trading relationship post-Brexit.