Since I was first elected last June I have been absolutely clear that it is my duty as the MP for Redditch County to deliver the Brexit most of my constituents voted for. Redditch voted for the UK to leave the European Union and that’s what will happen on March 29th 2019.

As key Brexit legislation makes its way through Parliament, I have stayed true to my word and have voted with the Government to ensure we deliver the Brexit Redditch voted for. This is in stark contrast to the Labour Party, who are dangerously changing their position every single day on Brexit. It’s obvious that by voting against the EU Withdrawal Bill at almost every stage, they are seeking to delay, frustrate or even reverse Brexit. Almost all their MPs support staying in the single market, the customs union or having a second referendum.

I could not be clearer. The Government must stick to its red lines on Brexit during the ongoing negotiations with the EU. We must also deliver on our manifesto commitments of leaving the single market and the customs union, ending freedom of movement, ending vast payments to the EU every year and taking back control of our laws and our sovereignty.

What I have been unable to stomach throughout the negotiations is the EU’s arrogance towards the UK. I have heard from hundreds of constituents who feel the same way. Throughout this process the Government has been reasonable, forthcoming and ambitious in its proposed future relationship with the EU. It is in both the UK’s and the EU’s interests to agree on a good deal which protects jobs here in Redditch and across the country. The grandstanding from the EU must stop. If the EU wants a good deal then they must get serious and treat the UK with respect. They can’t dictate to us, and I’m clear, nor can they overturn the clearly expressed will of the British people and my constituents in Redditch.

This government has set out a clear plan that delivers the referendum result and that would enable us to trade with the EU. The plan also gives businesses large and small the clarity they have called for. This is a starting point, and if the EU won’t come to the table now, we must be prepared to walk away. I’m calling on the government to now step up preparations for no deal. This will strengthen our hand and make it more likely, not less, that we get what the UK needs. We want a deal of course, but leaving without one and trading on long established and fair WTO rules, is a better option for Redditch business and jobs than a bad deal.

As your MP I will continue to honour the referendum result and fight for the Brexit 62.3 per cent of people in Redditch voted for. I will do whatever it takes to ensure Brexit really does mean Brexit.