Rachel is helping to raise awareness of Redditch’s efforts to raise vital funds for those affected by the devastating floods in Kerala, India.

The Redditch Kerala Cultural Association (RKCA) have launched an urgent appeal following the unprecedented flooding in Kerala which has killed nearly 400 people. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands of families have been displaced.

Picture courtesy of the Kerala Government.

Redditch is home to 100 families from Kerala, many of whom work at the Alexandra Hospital and Rockline Industries. About 99 per cent of their families who still live in the Southern Indian state have been affected by the recent flooding, according to Lizomon Mapranath, from Redditch, who contacted Rachel over the weekend.



RKCA are now raising funds for all those affected by the flooding in Kerala. After being contacted by Lizomon, Rachel vowed to raise awareness of their efforts and how residents can donate to the Kerala relief fund.

Rachel said: “I’m sure you all have seen the images on the news of the devastation left behind by the unprecedented flooding in Kerala. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands of people have been displaced. The huge loss of life is truly heartbreaking and my thoughts are with everyone affected.

“Over the weekend, Lizomon Mapranath got in touch with me to let me know that Redditch is playing its part in helping those affected by the devastating floods in Kerala. Lizomon has asked if you can spare anything at all, no matter how small, please do donate it online on the Government of Kerala’s website: www.donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/. I will be.

“Since I was elected as Redditch’s MP I have seen how incredibly generous our town is and how our community will always do whatever it can to help those in need. I’m certain our town will extend this generosity and compassion to the people of Kerala.”