My Westminster Diary in the Redditch Standard (June 28th):

On Monday (June 24th), I was sat in the Chamber listening to Jeremy Corbyn’s response to the Prime Minister’s statement on last week’s EU Council. I heard him say something I don’t think he’s ever explicitly said before at the dispatch box, and that is there should be a second EU referendum.

We know for three years now that the Labour leader has been deliberately ambiguous about Labour’s Brexit position. He’s been telling leave voters here in the Midlands one thing and telling remain voters in London something completely different.

Finally I think he’s been found out, as May’s European Parliamentary elections proved. Being deliberately ambiguous might have worked for a while, but now voters want to know what the Leader of the Opposition’s Brexit policy actually is. It’s all good and well him attacking my Party over Brexit, but Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t have a leg to stand on when he doesn’t have a Brexit policy himself.

Well all that changed on Monday when he said in no uncertain terms that a deal should be put back to the people. In other words, the people of Redditch got it wrong in 2016 when they voted for Brexit and therefore we’re going to have another vote so you can correct your mistake.

This is darn right patronising and an insult to the 62% of voters in Redditch who voted to leave the European Union. A vote for Labour is a vote for no Brexit at all.

My position is clear. I have never and will never support calls for a second referendum. We must deliver on the result of the 2016 referendum and get out of the EU on or before October 31st.

I wanted us out of the EU by now. That’s why I voted for the Withdrawal Agreement and that’s why I didn’t vote for an extension to Article 50.

The people of Redditch haven’t changed their minds, as the European Parliamentary Elections proved. A majority of voters in Redditch still want Brexit and that’s what I’ve been working hard to deliver since I was first elected in 2017.

It’s now my position that if a deal can’t be agreed by the House of Commons, then we should leave without a deal on October 31st. The Government must do more to prepare for this outcome, and I’m urging our next Prime Minister to ensure no deal preparations are ramped up.

This Brexit uncertainty can’t continue any longer. We need to get on and get out of the EU. A second referendum will inflict more uncertainty and more division on our country. I can assure you as long as I’m your MP I am absolutely committed to delivering the Brexit a majority of voters in Redditch voted for.