Rachel has welcomed Government funding to support the vital work of the Sandycroft Centre.

Back in May, the Government announced it would be spending £76 million on supporting the most vulnerable in society during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Justice allocated £25 million of this Covid-19 support funding to local charities across England and Wales which support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence, and £3 million to recruit more Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs).

More than £22 million of this dedicated funding has been awarded to over 500 charities in England and Wales, £19.5 million to Police and Crime Commissioners and £2.6 million via the Rape Support Fund.

And the Sandycroft Centre in Redditch has been one of the charities to benefit from this funding. In total the Sandycroft has been awarded £28,074.

Rachel said:

“Having visited the Sandycroft Centre I have heard for myself the vital work the centre does in providing care for domestic abuse survivors. It’s a lifeline for so many people and I’m really pleased this funding will help the centre continue providing vital services.”

Lee McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer of the Sandycroft Centre, said:

“What’s unique about this funding is that the Government has recognised the vital role of specialist independent providers like Sandycroft.

“We have close working relationships with charities such as Women’s Aid, and although funding was directed towards these large charities, the Government ensured providers like Sandycroft were able to apply for this funding too.

“Small, independent service providers have been protected and this funding recognises the vital work that we do.”