Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day events in Redditch this Sunday (January 26th), Rachel has signed up to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s official definition of anti-Semitism.

On Wednesday (January 22nd), Rachel met with the CEO of the Antisemitism Policy Trust, Danny Stone, and once again signed up to the IHRA’s working definition of anti-Semitism following her re-election in December.

Rachel said: “The rise in anti-Semitism in 21st Century Britain is a scourge on our society and it must be stamped out. No one should be persecuted because of the god they may pray to.

 “Holocaust Memorial Day provides us all with an opportunity to remember where the persecution of people can lead to. We must never forgot the horror of the Holocaust and of subsequent atrocities.

 “As a Member of Parliament I will uphold the working definition of anti-Semitism. I would encourage my constituents to find out more about the definition by visiting: www.holocaustremembrance.com/working-definition-antisemitism.”