Rachel has recognised a kind-hearted girl’s fundraising efforts with an Act of Kindness Award.

10 year-old Evie Morgan has generously donated her hair to The Little Princess Trust not once, but twice, while also raising money for the charity and for the children’s charity Matt’s Mission.

At the age of six, Evie decided she wanted to donate her long hair so it could be donated to The Little Princess Trust to make wigs for children suffering from hair loss due to cancer treatment or alopecia. She has also raised £360 for the charity.

Since then, Evie grew her hair again in order to donate it a second time in September 2021. This time, she raised £760 for a local children’s charity called Matt’s Mission who support poorly children and their families.

Rachel said:

“It is an honour to present Evie with an Act of Kindness Award. She deserves to be recognised for everything she has done to help children who are receiving treatment for cancer.

“Evie is clearly a selfless, caring and kind young girl, and rightly her family are incredibly proud of her.”