Rachel has welcomed a Government fund which will equip more police officers with tasers as part of a drive to give police more powers and tools to tackle crime.

The Home Office has ring-fenced a £10 million fund which will be used to put more officers carrying tasers on our streets – allowing officers to better protect themselves.

Bidding will open on a new online platform launched by the Home Office, where forces will decide how much funding they apply for based on the threat and risk in their local area. Police and Crime Commissioners will need to outline how many additional officers they plan to train to use tasers.

Rachel said: “Equipping more of our police officers with tasers is something I called for last year following the time I spent on the front line with officers here in Redditch.

“They made it clear to me that this is something they wanted to see, which is why I then began lobbying the government for the tools officers wanted following the unacceptable rise in assaults on officers.

“I’m glad the government has listened and I very much welcome this £10 million fund. It signals this government’s commitment to giving our brave officers the powers and tools they need to keep themselves and others safe.”