Rachel has welcomed a decision by the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia to recruit an extra 100 new officers across the force.

The announcement by John Campion will take West Mercia to a total of 2,030 police officer posts. Work to recruit to these new posts will start immediately.

Since becoming Commissioner, Mr Campion has vowed to protect frontline policing. This investment in additional officers is possible because of the efficiencies being made in back-office functions, the significant reserves held in West Mercia, and the flexibility afforded by the Home Office in precept setting for 2019/20.

The additional police officers will ensure communities in Redditch continue to get the policing service they need and increases resilience in the force to cope with changing demand.

Rachel said: “After recently spending time on the frontline with officers in Redditch, I know today’s announcement will be welcomed.

“We all know that the demand on policing is increasing, and I’m glad our Police and Crime Commissioner has listened to the concerns of local residents, police officers and issues I’ve raised with him and will be recruiting an additional 100 officers.

“Mr Campion made it very clear that he has been able to make this announcement after the Home Office enabled to him to increase spending by £4.3million this year. Overall police spending is also protected in real terms until 2019/20, once local income is taken into account. The decision to protect overall police spending in real terms works out as an increase of £900 million cash by 2019-20.”