Rachel Maclean, MP for Redditch County, has received reassurance from Redditch Police following the weekend attack on Finsbury Park worshippers.

She was keen to gain assurance for the safety of Redditch residents following a terror attack where a van collided with pedestrians near a London mosque on Sunday night.

Rachel said: “I am of course appalled at events in Finsbury Park at the weekend and my thoughts go out to those affected. At the same time I have been assured by Redditch Police chiefs that they are always working closely with community leaders and that nothing is causing concern at this time in Redditch.

“Police are patrolling in the areas in particular where we have communities where there might be concerns, but they are not aware of any heightened tensions.

“It is Ramadan at the moment, and Eid is coming up, and I am told by police they have agreed with community leaders what police intervention the community wants around mosques at this time.”