The Police & Crime Commissioner for West Mercia revisited Redditch with Rachel to catch-up with business owners after police officers increased their patrols of the town centre to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Back in June last year, John Campion joined Rachel in the town centre to meet with business owners, including Dean Corrigan, the owner of Heaphy’s Menswear, and Omar Palali, the owner of Deniz Turkish Barber, about how anti-social behaviour and vandalism has affected their businesses.

Following their meetings with town centre business owners, both Rachel and John vowed to act by liaising with the Police and partners to address the concerns raised by the business owners.

As a result of the action taken by Rachel and John, officers from West Mercia Police stepped up their patrols of the town centre in a bid to tackle the ongoing anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

And, to find out if the situation has improved following the increased police presence, Rachel and John revisited the businesses last Thursday (August 29th).

Rachel said: “It was reassuring to hear from business owners that the situation has improved since John and I met with them last year. Business owners were clear that they have seen an increased police presence which has resulted in fewer anti-social behaviour incidents.

“I know anti-social behaviour and crime is a top issue for my constituents, which is why I also discussed this with our Police & Crime Commissioner. The 35 extra officers we’re getting in North Worcestershire should help with this situation with more police officers visible on our streets and in the rural parts of the constituency too.”

John Campion, Police & Crime Commissioner for West Mercia, added:

“Rachel and I have a shared commitment to improving police visibility and delivering safer communities. I am pleased to have delivered an additional 215 police officers for West Mercia in the last year, including a significant uplift for North Worcestershire.

“The Chief Constable has committed that every community will see and feel the benefit of this uplift, including Redditch, and I will hold him to account on behalf of the public to ensure this is delivered.

“The Prime Minister’s commitment to build further on these numbers is very welcome news. West Mercia stands ready to recruit, train and deploy these officers as quickly as possible.”