Rachel has welcomed the publication of the landmark Domestic Abuse Bill which will bolster support for victims and their families here in Redditch.

The Bill is the most comprehensive package ever to tackle domestic abuse and will introduce the first ever statutory government definition of domestic abuse to specifically include economic abuse and controlling and manipulative non-physical abuse.

This move will enable everyone, including victims themselves, to understand what constitutes abuse and will encourage more victims to come forward.

The draft Bill will also see the position of Domestic Abuse Commissioner created to drive the response to domestic abuse issues, new Domestic Abuse Protection Notices and Domestic Abuse Protection Orders introduced to further protect victims and place restrictions on the actions of offenders, prohibit the cross-examination of victims by their abusers in the family courts and provide automatic eligibility for special measures to support more victims to give evidence in the criminal courts.

It is estimated that around two million adults experience domestic abuse each year, affecting almost 6% of all adults. Women are twice as likely to be victims than men.

Rachel said: “Working in the Home Office, I have heard heartbreaking accounts from victims of domestic abuse as we’ve worked on this draft Bill. It’s hard to understand how anyone could abuse someone they claim to love, but unfortunately everyday someone is subjected to this vile abuse.

“The Government is absolutely committed to bolstering support for victims and bringing these vile abusers to justice. There is no place in society for this horrific crime. I hope this legislation becomes law quickly.”