Following concerns raised by residents about the impact the Eastern Gateway will have on Redditch’s roads, the town’s MP Rachel Maclean has called on highways bosses and developers to implement traffic alleviation measures.

Rachel has been contacted by a number of residents who fear that HGVs and other vehicles travelling from the Eastern Gateway site will dramatically increase the amount of traffic on roads in the local area.

As a result of residents’ concerns, Rachel has been working with local councillors to understand how best to mitigate the impact of this development on the town’s roads.

Rachel recently joined Councillors Juliet Brunner, Antonia Pulsford and Roger Bennett at the earmarked Eastern Gateway site to discuss their ongoing campaign to ensure the road system will be able to cope with the increase in traffic.

The Redditch MP is now calling on highways bosses and developers to listen to residents’ concerns and implement better traffic alleviation measures when the Eastern Gateway development is fully operational.

Rachel said: “I know how concerned residents are about the potential impact the Eastern Gateway could have on roads in our town, especially the increase in traffic we could see with HGVs travelling to and from the development.

“I have heard your concerns, I share your concerns and I’m acting on them. That’s why I’m now calling for a high-level meeting with highways bosses, developers and local councillors to discuss residents’ concerns.”