Rachel and local councillors Jane Potter, Brandon Clayton and Craig Warhurst have welcomed the progress made in tackling speeding on a notorious road in Feckenham.

Back in March, Rachel hosted a public meeting at Feckenham Village Shop to meet with villagers to discuss the ongoing issue of speeding along Droitwich Road. County Councillor Jane Potter for Redditch South and Brandon Clayton, County Councillor for Redditch North, Craig Warhurst, Redditch Borough Councillor for Astwood Bank and Feckenham and officers from West Mercia Police were also in attendance to meet with residents.

Following the meeting, Rachel, Councillor Potter, Councillor Clayton, Councillor Warhurst and the police have been working together to tackle speeding along the road to make it safer for residents.
As a result of the meeting, the police have been out along the road conducting speed calming exercises using speed guns in an attempt to slow traffic down.

Recently, Rachel popped into the village shop in Feckenham and heard from residents and volunteers who all welcomed the work that has been done so far.

Rachel said: “I’m glad that progress has been achieved so far, but I will be continuing to monitor events. I want people and their families to be able to live safely in this beautiful area.”

A number of options are being looked at including ‘dragon’s teeth’ before the bridge on Droitwich Road, parking opposite the village shop and lifting the centre white line along the road.

Councillor Jane Potter said: “I know how concerned residents are about speeding in Feckenham. As the village’s representative on the County Council, which is responsible for our roads, I am doing what I can, working alongside our MP and Borough Councillor Craig Warhurst, to find solutions to this problem. I’m afraid we won’t be able to solve this issue overnight, but I want to reassure you I’m working hard with council officers to tackle this issue.”

Councillor Craig Warhurst added: “Since I was first elected in May, this issue has been a top priority with me. I welcome that some progress has been made and I will continue to work with Rachel and Jane to tackle the issue of speeding in Feckenham.”