“Residents need an end to this ongoing saga,” Rachel has said following a response from Persimmon to her concerns about issues on its developments in Batchley & Brockhill.

Back in January, and following meetings with Councillors Brandon Clayton and Gemma Monaco, as well as the Conservative Candidate for Batchley & Brockhill, Nyear Nazir, Rachel wrote to the Interim Chief Executive of Persimmon, David Jenkinson.

It was after it was discovered not all the assets, including open spaces, street lights and land, have been handed over to the local council by the developer. This is despite these developments being completed some 10 to 20 years ago.

As a result of Persimmon Homes retaining these assets, it means the local council is unable to maintain the land and the open spaces which is leading to frustration among residents, as well as their local councillors.

The situation is doubly frustrating for the local council as it is waiting for the release of £521,000 in Section 106 money which is cash paid by a developer to mitigate the impact of new homes on the local community. The Section 106 money cannot be paid until all assets are handed over to the local council.

Rachel has since received a response from the Managing Director of the Persimmon North Midlands Division, Liam Scott, as the Batchley & Brockhill developments fall under his jurisdiction.

In his letter, Mr Scott claims Persimmon is now seeking a meeting with the local council to agree an action plan that delivers the adoption of the remaining assets in the shortest time possible.

Rachel said: “I appreciate Mr Scott’s response, but numerous meetings have already been held and we still find ourselves in this situation where not all assets have been handed to the local council.

“Residents need an end to this ongoing saga. It’s been going on for far too long now. I’d like to thank the Brockhill Residents Association for keeping up the pressure on Persimmon and your local councillors to get this issue resolved.

“I’ll be keeping up the pressure to ensure this action plan is put in place. We need these assets and the Section 106 handed over to the local council as soon as possible.”

Councillor for Batchley & Brockhill, Gemma Monaco said:

“Now that we have finally had a response from Persimmon, I challenge them to focus on the closure of and handover of these existing assets and release these much-needed Section 106 monies as a matter of urgency.

“This situation is one that Persimmon should be very embarrassed about as it has been going on for far too long. I urge them to now address and conclude this matter without any further delay for the benefit of the residents of Batchley & Brockhill.”

Cllr Clayton, County Councillor for Redditch North, said:

“This has been going on for too long. The residents need to know when the green spaces are going to be handed over to Redditch Borough Council, along with the money to maintain them.”

Nyear Nazir, Conservative Candidate for Batchley & Brockhill, added:

“I’m glad we’ve had an acknowledgement from Persimmon. However, we do need them to make their enquiries swiftly to move this along. This has not been fair for the residents of Batchley & Brockhill.

“I know this has continued their frustration, but hopefully this time we will see a positive outcome in having all the issues resolved.”