Rachel said:

“A majority of my constituents in Redditch have consistently voted for controlled immigration, secure borders and an end to Channel crossings – and it’s this Government which will deliver on these promises.

“Our world-leading Migration and Economic Development Partnership with Rwanda is part of our Plan for Immigration and is fully legal following the passage of the Nationality and Borders Act through our sovereign Parliament.

“It’s a policy I have voted for and fully support. Those criticising it have never come up with any workable solution of their own, and therefore, in my opinion, to fail to act is to stand by and do nothing as people die in small boats in the Channel and in the backs of lorries and shipping containers. We must break this business model, and this is the only way to do it.

“Following the European Court of Human Rights’ ruling, we will not be deterred, and we will continue with our plan to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda. We will take all available action to deliver on this policy and deport people with no legal right to be here who have come from safe countries such as France.

“Our own sovereign Parliament and our own British courts have substantiated the legal basis of our policy. It is totally wrong that one judge in the European Court of Human Rights can override all the courts in our country, as well as the will of the people.”