Following numerous issues with housing developers in Redditch, Rachel has welcomed Government plans to establish an independent New Homes Ombudsman.

Currently, home buyers who purchase new builds have no independent way of challenging developers’ service or poor workmanship.

But now this New Homes Ombudsman will step in to help home buyers with issues from sloppy brick work to faulty wiring – and will have statutory powers to award compensation, ban rogue developers from building, and order developers to fix poor building work.

New laws will also require all developers to belong to the Ombudsman, giving all home buyers access to swift redress.

Here in Redditch, Rachel, along with local councillors Matt Dormer, Gemma Monaco and Nyear Nazir, have been supporting new homeowners with ongoing issues with housing developers.

Where Redditch homeowners are in dispute with developers, the new Ombudsman will act swiftly and independently to resolve any issues – ending the injustice of people facing long waits and costly court cases trying to sort out problems with their new homes.

Rachel said: “Having supported a number of constituents in their battles with housing developers, I know this new Ombudsman will be especially welcomed by them and anyone currently in dispute with a housing developer.

“This new Ombudsman should be seen as a warning shot by rogue house builders that they’ll no longer be able to get away with shoddy building work and they won’t be able to run and hide from their customers any longer.”