Rachel Maclean, MP for Redditch, said:

“As the Prime Minister said during his statement on Saturday, Parliament will get the opportunity to debate and vote on these measures. I will ensure the views of my constituents are heard by the Government in the coming days.

“However, I believe now is the time to act. There are no easy decisions. No Prime Minister wants to restrict the freedoms we enjoy. And as your local representative I am all too aware of the harms caused by lockdown itself which is why I strongly support keeping education settings open and ensuring that the NHS can continue to treat non-Covid patients.

“The balance between lives and livelihoods is at the forefront of minds in Government – and this is not a binary choice, both health and the economy will be impacted whichever course of action we take. When thousands of lives can be saved and we can prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed – then the right thing to do is to introduce measures which will dramatically reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

“Businesses being asked to close will get the financial support they need. The furlough scheme is being extended and our councils will be given additional financial support.

“I know Redditch will come together in the national interest in order to keep our friends and our family safe. Please stay at home to protect our NHS and save lives.”