Rachel is urging residents to get their COVID Vaccine booster jabs to help reinforce the wall of defence against coronavirus.

In Redditch, 77% of adults have received both doses of the COVID Vaccine.

The most vulnerable are now being prioritised as part of the Government’s Covid booster programme, helping to protect millions of people by prolonging the protection which vaccines give.

Rachel is encouraging residents to come forward for their booster jab as soon as they’re invited by the NHS to book their appointment.

“We always knew winter was going to be challenging, and that’s exactly why, months ago now, the Government set out its plan to deal with COVID-19 over the winter months,” Rachel said.

“It’s therefore absolutely vital that those who are eligible for a COVID booster jab come forward as soon as they’re contacted by the NHS.

“The wall of defence against coronavirus the vaccines have provided us with have enabled us to re-open our economy and enjoy the things we all missed when we were in lockdown.

“Let’s keep it that way by ensuring the most vulnerable get their booster jab to prolong the protection vaccines give.

Rachel is also urging residents to get their flu jab to help protect the NHS this winter.

“The Government has also launched the biggest flu jab programme in our country’s history, so I would urge my constituents to come forward and get their flu jab too,” Rachel added.