Rachel has expressed her frustration at the time it is taking Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust to submit their final business case to access funding for the Alexandra Hospital.

So far, thanks in part to Rachel and her fellow Worcestershire MPs’ lobbying efforts, the Trust has received £16million out of the £29.6million Acute Services Review funding.

  • £11million will be used to accelerate the refurbishment of the Aconbury East Building at Worcestershire Royal Hospital and on construction of the link bridge to the Aconbury East Building which is well underway.
  • The Trust’s bid to draw down a further £5million from the capital funding pot was also approved by the Department for Health & Social Care earlier this year. This will be spent on several emergency projects, including improving the safety of the Trust’s estate to enhance the quality of patient services.
  • By December this year, the refurbishment of the Aconbury East Building will mean more acute beds will be available to treat patients with more complex needs. This will represent an increase in the Trust’s overall acute bed capacity during the coming Winter compared to the same period last year.
  • These new beds will enable the Acute Trust to tackle the immediate pressures facing A&E, as well as putting in place longer term solutions which will help their preparations for Winter.
  • However, the Alex has not yet received any money from the £29.6million Acute Services Review funding. In total, £8million will be spent on the Alex which will pay for improvements to the elective care centre, endoscopy, children’s outpatients and an upgrade in theatres.

Rachel said:

“Residents have been waiting more than a year now to see some of the £29.6million spent on the Alex. Just like everyone else, I too am getting frustrated at the time it is taking our hospital to see this vital £8million.

“This investment is a clear sign that the Alex is here to stay and has a long-term future ahead of it.

“I’m now urging Trust bosses to get on and submit their final business case to access the funding for the Alex. The money is sat there waiting to be used. As we’ve seen for the bids for the £16million, once submitted, the Department of Health & Social Care has approved the business cases within a matter of weeks.

“I’ll continue to hold the Trust to account as I have done since I was first elected to ensure the Trust delivers for the people of Redditch.”

Do you agree with Rachel that the Trust needs to get on and submit its final business case?

Show your support for the Trust to submit its final business case as soon as possible by filling out your details below. Rachel will inform the Trust how many people have responded to demonstrate that local people want them to get on with it too.

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