Rachel met with the Health Secretary to discuss her plans for services to be returned to the Alexandra Hospital.

Last Thursday (November 14th), Rachel met with Matt Hancock at Worcestershire Royal Hospital during his second visit to the hospital this year.

They discussed delivering £33.9 billion more in cash for the NHS by 2023-24, with an initial £6.2 billion increase this year, the opening of five new medical schools to train the workforce of the future and the introduction of a new NHS Visa, offering a fast-track entry to the UK for qualified overseas doctors and nurses.

The main item on the agenda was the campaign led by Rachel to get a maternity and children’s service back at the Alex.

Following the meeting Rachel said:

“The decision to remove services from the Alex was made by local health bosses before I was first elected.

“Residents have never, and I don’t think will ever accept that these services have been removed forever. There is a strong and compelling case for these services to be returned to Redditch’s hospital.

Before the general election was called, Rachel wrote to local health bosses setting out her case for maternity and children’s services to be returned.

In her letter, Rachel cited the record investment in the NHS and commitments to addressing staffing pressures with more recruitment and training places by training and recruiting 25% more doctors and nurses every year as key reasons why services should be reinstated at the Alex.

Rachel reiterated these points to the Health Secretary who agreed to visit the Alex hospital after the election to discuss her plans in more detail.

“Health bosses and now the Health Secretary have all agreed to meet with me after the election, if I’m given the great honour of being re-elected, so that we can work constructively together to get services back at the Alex.

“We’re not going to get services back overnight, but with the good working relationship I have with health bosses this meeting after the election is a good basis in which we can move forward.

“The Alex has and will continue to be my top priority.”