The coronavirus crisis has shown how “indispensable” the Alexandra Hospital is to healthcare in Worcestershire – Rachel has said.

Rachel made the comment as she updates her constituents on the campaign to return a maternity and children’s service to the Alex.

During the coronavirus crisis, as an acute hospital the Alex has been used to treat Covid-19 patients, with intensive care treating the sickest of patients.

Rachel said: “By staying at home, we’ve all ensured our NHS has never been overwhelmed, and that includes our hospitals in Worcestershire. Both of our acute hospitals, Worcestershire Royal and the Alex, have been treating Covid-19 patients. Once again we thank NHS staff for everything they’ve done during this crisis.

“Having had regular meetings with local health bosses and how they’ve optimised the use of two acute hospitals, I dread to think what would have happened if we didn’t have the Alex. This crisis has shown how indispensable the Alex is to healthcare in Worcestershire.

Even during this crisis, Rachel is continuing to work on her strategy to return services to the Alex. This comprehensive and evidence based strategy will be published to ensure Rachel’s constituents understand how she intends to return a maternity and children’s service to Redditch’s hospital.

“The Alex has been and always will be my top priority,” Rachel added.

“I am continuing to deliver for the Alex. I’ve secured the investment the Alex was promised in 2017 – with the improvement works set to begin this year.

“However, the ultimate goal is of course returning services to the Alex. I believe returning services is possible. If the Trust’s debt totalling £321 million can be wiped it shows anything is possible. I would not campaign and make this promise to my constituents if I believed otherwise.

“Although supporting my constituents during the coronavirus crisis is my main focus right now, I want to ensure everyone that I am still continuing to work on a comprehensive and evidence based strategy to return a maternity and children’s service to the Alex.

“Once again I just want to say that the Alex has a bright future ahead of it and it will continue to be my top priority.”

Do you agree with me that an expanded A&E at the Alex should be able to treat children again?

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