To encourage uptake of the COVID Vaccine in BAME communities, Rachel Maclean, MP for Redditch, recently talked to Cllr Nyear Nazir about tackling vaccine hesitancy.

Rachel and Cllr Nazir met virtually to discuss the safety of the COVID Vaccines and why it is important everyone gets vaccinated when it is their turn to do so.

It follows data from the NHS which shows that take up so far in the top cohorts has been lower in BAME communities.

To tackle the misinformation that is being spread about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID Vaccines, in a video published on social media, Cllr Nazir talked to Rachel about why she got vaccinated and why she’s encouraging everyone to do the same.

Councillor Nyear Nazir said:

“During this pandemic, we have all witnessed first-hand the impact Covid has had on those around and closest to us. It can feel unbearable at times loosing immediate and extended family to this unrelenting virus.

“Whilst it can be easy to fall victim to fake propaganda, it is imperative we remind ourselves to stay informed and not allow our dismay or anger to sway us in believing that which is not true or scientifically accredited.

“As I previously stated, I did my own research, spoke to the medical professionals and consequently proceeded to be vaccinated.

“This was crucial not only for my own wellbeing, but to also keep others safe around me. Safeguarding others was one of the most compelling reasons for me to have the vaccine and I believe we all share that collective responsibility.

“It is my sincere hope that all those within the BAME community have the courage to come forward and have the vaccines when invited.”

Rachel added:

“The best thing we can all do for our own health, for our loved ones and for our communities is to get vaccinated when it is our turn to do so.

“Cllr Nazir has spoken eloquently about the safety of the COVID Vaccines and why she believes it is vital everyone takes up the vaccine when they are contacted.

“I would encourage residents to watch the video I recorded with Cllr Nazir by visiting”