With the Alexandra Hospital Rachel’s top priority, on Tuesday (September 3rd) she and her fellow Worcestershire MPs met with the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care.

At their meeting with Matt Hancock, they discussed the urgent need for Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (WAHT) to access the remainder of the £29.6million in funding it was promised.

The Trust it yet to submit a final business case to the Department for Health & Social Care for this funding which will be used to upgrade and improve operating theatres and endoscopy at the Alex.

Rachel said: “I’m working constructively and positively with the Trust on their bid so it can be submitted and we can see that money going into the Alex to improve our town’s hospital.

“I’m as frustrated as my constituents are that this still hasn’t been achieved yet, but I hope they can be assured by the fact I’m doing everything I can.

“There have been too many delays, it’s time the Alex got this cash.

Last week, Rachel also spoke over the phone to the Acting Chief Operating Officer of WAHT, Paul Brennan, to discuss the progress of the Trust’s bid. They also discussed the success of the Frailty Ward at the Alex, as well as the 19-bed ward which was opened to improve capacity.

Rachel added: “Despite the successes we’re seeing, I know this will never make up for the loss of maternity and paediatric services at the Alex.

“A majority of my constituents have never and will never accept the removal of these vital services which is why I’m campaigning to get these services back at the Alex.

“Constituents can join me in showing their support for this campaign by visiting: www.rachelmaclean.uk/bringbackourservices.”