Parliamentary Candidate for Redditch Rachel Maclean says that if elected on June 8th she will make the Alex her number one priority.

And she calls for people to judge her on her actions if she is elected to Parliament.

Releasing her 12 point plan for the Alex, Rachel commented:

“Judge me on what I deliver. I believe in action not words”

“As a businesswoman and leader in the charity sector, I have always been someone who gets things done. I believe in actions not words, and that’s why I have worked hard to secure this multi-million pound pledge from the government to upgrade operating theaters and improve facilities. Something no other candidate has done or is able to do”

“If I am elected, I will always be a doer for Redditch. Judge me on my actions as your representative in Parliament.

“I want to see us go forward now and end the uncertainty. The people of Redditch have a right to be cared for safely, to have the best outcomes when it comes to giving birth, and to have the best care that’s available in the world. 

“Those are the things I will fight for.”

Speaking about the uncertainty that has shadowed the Alex for many years, long before Rachel was a candidate, she said,

“I understand that there has been a lot of distress and anger about the way that the Alex hospital’s services were changed. And how the consultation was carried out. No-one can turn the clock back.

“But the Alex has a bright future, and now it’s important we get on and deliver the promises.”

“We do need to take on board safety and staffing concerns, as the Trust has said, which has led to the reconfiguration of services so that everyone can get better care.”

We are already seeing benefits from the changes – including a lower rate of emergency C-sections for mums. When women were giving birth at the Alex, this was 32.6% and now it’s just under 25%, according to information obtained from the Acute Trust.

This means more mums can have their babies in a comfortable and natural setting in the midwife-led unit. They get to go home earlier and they don’t have the heavy toll on their bodies and daily lives that having a C section means.

But Rachel warns:

“If people are being let down by the Trust, and their promises don’t stack up, make no mistake, I will be fighting for those decisions to be reviewed and services to be returned to Redditch.”