Talking to people in this campaign, it’s clear the Alex hospital is a priority.

They want to see their MP standing up and fighting forcefully for the Alex, the jewel in Redditch’s crown, its outstanding staff, and the services they rely on.

And this is why I’ve today brought the Health Minister Philip Dunn to Redditch to make sure he understands the importance of backing one of my key pledges, which is to place the Alex at the front of the line for the promised multi-million pound investment.

If I’m elected, I’ll be dedicating myself to ensuring that the proposals from the consultation process, which are backed by leading clinicians, doctors and nurses, and will lead to better outcomes for patients, are delivered, putting an end to damaging uncertainty.

Today I had a tour of the A and E department, and saw first hand how dedicated and motivated the staff are, and how they all pull together to make sure patients are seen and treated. Matron Mark explained that because all the staff are motivated and work as a team, they are able to deliver fantastic care.

The A and E department offers ambulatory care, resuscitation, and importantly, it offers paediatric A and E services to children who present at their doors – either brought in by parents or by the ambulance services. First class trained paramedics will assess and stabilise a child in the ambulance before taking them to the hospital that is best suited to delivering the specialist care to save lives and help them recover from serious illnesses and injuries.

I’m really pleased that the Minister confirmed today that if a Conservative government is elected, funding will be coming into the Alex for extra beds and upgrading operating theatres. There will also be cash to expand car parking at Worcester Royal.