Writing in this week’s Redditch Standard (July 22nd), Rachel said:

“Although Parliament is now in recess for the summer, this doesn’t mean that my work stops – far from it.

“I won’t be going on a six week jolly as some always suggest when Parliament goes into recess.

“I will be going on holiday at some point over the summer. Even politicians deserve a break and time to spend with our families. My granddaughter is growing very fast and I want to treasure every moment I can with her.

“However, my office will be open as normal throughout the summer and you can continue to get in touch with me in all the usual ways.

“I will continue to hold surgeries, support you with any casework issues, visit local businesses and community groups, and push on with delivering on my election pledges.

“Most importantly I will continue the fight to return a maternity and children’s service to the Alex. This remains my number one priority.

“As you might have seen this week, I published my report into how I believe our Acute Trust can return a maternity service to the Alex. I believe this is a comprehensive and detailed report which sets out a realistic vision for how this can be achieved. It will ensure a majority of women in Redditch can give birth at their local hospital.

“As well as a hospital where women can give birth again, I also want to see paediatric services returned to the Alex. I will be setting out how I think this can be achieved in a further report which also forms part of my long-term plan for the Alex.

“This work will continue over the summer, in fact it never stops. I am more than determined than ever to ensure Redditch has a hospital where women can give birth and where children can be treated.”