For far too long now, residents of Batchley & Brockhill have had to put up with longstanding issues regarding Persimmon Homes, and the fact they still haven’t handed over ownership of paths and open spaces to Redditch Borough Council.

Not only is this frustrating for you, but it’s also frustrating for your local councillors who are unable to get paths fixed and green spaces mowed and kept tidy because the local authority doesn’t legally own them.

This saga has been going on for far too long, which is why I’ve been working with your local councillors, Gemma Monaco, Nyear Nazir and Brandon Clayton to ensure we see a speedy resolution to these outstanding issues.

This page will keep you up-to-date with the latest news and what I’m doing, along with your local councillors, to see an end to this longrunning saga.

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Rachel welcomes creation of New Homes Ombudsman

This New Homes Ombudsman will step in to help home buyers with issues from sloppy brick work to faulty wiring – and will have statutory powers to award compensation, ban rogue developers from building, and order developers to fix poor building work.

Rachel launches re-election campaign at the Alex

Rachel, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Redditch, has launched her general election campaign outside the Alexandra Hospital.

Rachel comments on Persimmon’s Brockhill housing plan

Speaking to the Redditch Advertiser regarding Persimmon's planning application to build 960 homes in Brockhill, Rachel said: “Everyone is well aware of the need for more homes so that our kids and grandkids can get their foot on the housing ladder. “However, Persimmon...

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