Rachel said:

“If my children’s futures had been impacted by the way the results had been calculated this year then I would be fighting for them just as parents in Redditch and across the country have been doing.

“That is why I personally intervened with Ministers on behalf of a number of worried students and parents who had contacted me over the weekend. I could not stand by and see how badly they had been affected by Ofqual’s algorithm without speaking up on their behalf.

“I’m sorry for the distress and worry that many of my constituents have gone through since last Thursday. As it became clear how badly some individual students had been affected, and how it had potentially shattered their dreams of higher education and future careers, I made it clear to Ministers that the issues needed to be rectified.

“Young people have already been severely impacted by the pandemic. Exams were cancelled and the usual end of year events were not able to go ahead. We can’t allow a generation of young people to be failed by a grading system which could have enormous negative consequences on their futures.

“I’m beyond relieved that Ministers have listened to students, teachers, parents and MPs and announced all A levels and GCSEs will now be graded according to teacher assessment. Students will receive the higher of their teacher-assessed grade or their moderated grade. I hope this brings great relief to students in Redditch.”