Young people in Redditch are now benefiting from improved careers education following the launch of Worcestershire’s Careers Hub.

Rachel has consistently lobbied the Government to improve help and prepare young people for the world of work.

As part of the Government’s Careers Strategy, Worcestershire has become one of 20 Careers Hubs across England following a successful bid from Worcestershire LEP and Worcestershire County Council.

The Government has allocated £5million in funding over the next two years to support the Careers Hubs.

Every high school and college in Redditch has access to the new Careers Hub. The Hub is working together with employers and career professionals to improve careers education for young people and to the benefit of businesses and the local economy.

Worcestershire’s Careers Hub has access to support and funding to help secondary schools and colleges meet the eight Gatsby Benchmarks of excellent careers education, working towards improved career outcomes for young people.

These benchmarks will ensure that every young person in Redditch aged 13 and over will be exposed to more employer encounters and gain a greater understanding of the world of work.

The benchmarks also offer individualised information, advice and guidance around a range of post-16 education offers – from sixth form to technical college to university and apprenticeships – enabling young people to make informed choices about their future.

Rachel said: “Since the beginning of the new school year, young people in Redditch have been benefiting from improved and enhanced careers education. This is a central plank of the Government’s Careers Strategy and something I very much welcome.

“It’s absolutely vital that young people are exposed to the world of work. We need them to be as prepared as possible as they are the workforce of the future.

“What’s great is that this new Careers Hub puts technical education, university and apprenticeships on the same equal level, as it should be. There are so many different career paths out there for our young people, and this new Careers Hub will give them the support and advice they need to make an informed decision about their future.”