Rachel has welcomed yesterday’s announcement (2nd January) that the Conservative Government is introducing a brand-new railcard, which will halve all rail fares for 16 and 17-year-olds in Redditch.

The railcard will give 16-17-year-olds 50 per cent off all fares from September including season tickets and peak services, and will provide a real boost for young people and their parents, with many saving thousands a year.

The Conservative Government is also launching an industry led 26-30-year-old railcard, giving this age group a fairer deal in their commute to work by cutting a third off their rail fares.

It was also announced yesterday that the Government will be freezing rail fares in line with inflation for the sixth year in a row, unlike the Labour Government who increased rail fares above inflation by 7.5 per cent in 2009.

On top of this, the Government is launching a review to transform Britain’s railways, improve services and provide better value for money for passengers.

Rachel said: “I am delighted by yesterday’s announcements which will provide a genuine boost for hardworking families and young people in Redditch. We expect young people to stay in education or training until they’re 18, so it’s absolutely right we help them with their travel costs.

“Thanks to our balanced approach to the economy the Conservatives in Government have been able to invest more in the vital public services we all rely on whilst helping people with the cost of living so they can keep more of what they earn.”