Rachel met with the Education Secretary this week to press the case for fairer and more funding for schools in Redditch.

After speaking with head teachers and parents, Rachel is well aware of the pressures on school budgets which is why she met with Damian Hinds again on Wednesday (March 27th).

The core funding underpinning the new national funding formula rose from almost £41 billion in 2017-18 to £42.4 billion in 2018-19 and will rise to £43.5 billion in 2019-20. The fairer funding formula for schools gives an indicative additional £2 million across all Redditch schools, with no school seeing any budget reductions.

Rachel said: “I’m acutely aware of the pressures on school budgets here in Redditch. I meet regularly with head teachers and parents and understand the concerns on the front line. I recognise the challenges they face, despite a fairer funding formula being introduced.

“I am consistently lobbying the Treasury for a fairer funding settlement for our schools in Redditch and to end historic funding inequality, as well as for a more generous overall settlement, which is why I met with the Education Secretary again this week to make this case.

“I look forward to the Spending Review where we can address these important concerns.

Despite the budgetary pressures schools are facing, standards are improving. In 2017, Oftsed’s Annual Report for Education and Skills showed found 88% of primary schools and 96% of secondary schools are now rated as good or outstanding in Worcestershire.

“It’s testament to our hard-working teachers and teaching assistants that school standards here in Redditch are improving,” Rachel added.

“These aren’t just dry stats; these stats actually mean something. They mean more children are receiving an excellent education which will help them get onto their college or university course, or to start their apprenticeship.”