Rachel is continuing to work with schools to ensure disadvantaged pupils can learn at home as the Government confirms it will roll out a further 300,000 laptops and devices.

Following the decision to close schools to all but the children of key workers and vulnerable pupils, Rachel has been working with Redditch headteachers to ensure their students have the devices they need to continue learning at home.

Today (January 12th), the Government has announced, backed by an additional £100 million, that a further 300,000 additional devices will be made available to disadvantaged children and young people who need the most help with access to technology through the pandemic.

These additional laptops and tablets will bring the total of the Government’s Get Help with Technology Programme to 1.3 million devices. 100,000 devices were delivered to schools last week, including schools in Redditch, and three-quarters of a million devices are expected to be delivered by end of this week.

Rachel has written to every school in the constituency and has directly intervened by raising the case of each school with Education Ministers. Following her intervention, Rachel has been contacted by headteachers to say they are eligible for more devices for their students.

Rachel said:

“No child in Redditch, either through background or circumstance, should be unable to access the high-quality education they deserve.

“I want to thank headteachers and teachers for all they are doing to ensure their students continue to receive a first-class education during this pandemic. I have heard nothing but praise from parents about the efforts teachers are going to in order to support their children.

“I will continue to work with headteachers, as I have been doing throughout this pandemic, to ensure their students have the devices they need to continue learning from home.”