Rachel has joined the inspirational Rob & Maggie Underwood, the founders of the Charlotte and Craig Saving Hearts Foundation, to launch a campaign to get first aid and CPR training on the curriculum at all state-funded schools.

It came after a meeting between Rachel, Rob and Maggie where Rachel said she was more than happy to do what she could to put pressure on the Government to introduce first aid and CPR training in all state-funded schools.

As a result, Rachel has launched a UK-wide Parliamentary Petition which calls on the Government to introduce first aid training, including CPR training, as part of health education in English primary and secondary schools.

Residents are able to download copies of the petition from Rachel’s website. The petition can also be signed online by visiting: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231026/moderation-info

Rachel said: “For years now Rob & Maggie Underwood have worked tirelessly to train thousands of people to know how to use CPR. The tragic circumstances which have led to the inspirational pair to help save countless lives is a reminder to us all that, with basic training, we can all learn how to save lives.

“And for a long time now, the Underwood’s have been calling for first aid education, including CPR, to be taught in schools. For me this is just common sense. Of course, our children should know how to help someone in their time of need. I really don’t think adding first aid training to the school curriculum is too much to ask for.

“This isn’t about politics, this is about saving lives. I hope you will all join me in signing this petition and together we can push for real change.”

Rob & Maggie Underwood said: “After losing three children through a rare heart condition, we know more than most how important these skills are which is why we want them taught from a young age so people go through life armed with these skills for when they need them.

“No-one knows when they will be faced with someone in cardiac arrest and a person nearby who knows CPR could make all the difference.

“As part of our campaigning, we have helped get hundreds of defibrillators put at different venues across Redditch and the surrounding area but that is only half the battle.

“When someone is in cardiac arrest, they need to be kept alive long enough for the defibrillator and paramedics to get to them so they can get to hospital safely where there is a wealth of equipment that can greatly improve their chances of survival.

 With over 100,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests, along with approximately 19 young adults in & around our schools every year, having such skills to perform CPR would greatly reduce the needless deaths. In a lot of cases it could well be your loved one that needs help. Early intervention saves lives FACT.

Rob & Maggie added: “We are grateful to Rachel for joining us to launch this campaign and we hope the people of Redditch and further afield will also come on board.”