“The #UnlockRedditch message has been heard loud and clear in Government” – that’s the message from Rachel as the £1.6billion Stronger Towns Fund is launched.

The Stronger Towns Fund will be targeted at towns that have not shared in the proceeds of growth in the same way as more prosperous parts of the country.

It will be used to create new jobs, help train local people and boost economic activity – with communities having a say on how the money is spent.

A total of £1billion will be allocated using a needs-based formula. £322million of this funding will be allocated to towns in the Midlands. Communities will be able to draw up job-boosting plans for their town, with the support and advice of their Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Another £600million will be available through a bidding process to communities in any part of the country.

Since she was first elected, Rachel has consistently banged the drum for Redditch in Parliament to ensure the town gets its fair share of funding and investment.

Rachel said: “Clearly the #UnlockRedditch message has been heard loud and clear in Government. Ministers have listened to me as I continue to bang the drum for funding and investment in our town – something I won’t stop doing.

“Most people in the UK live in towns and it’s fair to say that, while our neighbour Birmingham has had a lot of attention and investment over recent years, outlying towns such as Redditch haven’t always seen their fair share.

“Redditch is a great place to live, work and play and it’s brimming with potential which needs to be unlocked.

“I’m glad that our teamwork and persistent campaigning to #UnlockRedditch is starting to bear fruit.”