As the Government encourages more people to save for their retirement, Rachel has welcomed figures which show 16,000 employees in the constituency have been automatically enrolled into a workplace pension.

Since 2012, when the Conservative-led Government began the introduction of automatic enrolment, the way in which millions of people save for their pensions has been transformed.

In the past, many workers missed out on valuable pension benefits because their employer didn’t off them a pension. The workplace pension changes that and makes it compulsory for employers to automatically enrol eligible workers into a pension scheme. Employers must also pay money into the scheme.

Rachel recently asked about how the workplace pension was benefiting workers in Redditch during questions to the Department for Work and Pensions. In responding to Rachel, the Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion confirmed that 16,000 employees in Redditch County have been automatically enrolled into a workplace pension, and over 1,470 employers have met their duties.

Rachel said: “It’s so important that people are able to save for their retirement, and it is clear to see that the workplace pension is helping thousands of people here in Redditch do just that. I’m glad to see more than 1,470 employers in Redditch have stepped up to the mark and are fulfilling their duty.

“As we’re all living longer, it is absolutely vital that we are able to support ourselves during retirement. Automatic enrolment is making it even easier for people to build up their retirement savings as they don’t have to take any action themselves. Their bosses will automatically enrol their eligible employees into the workplace pension scheme and deduct any contributions from their wages or salary.”