Following her visit to the Job Centre on Monday (September 24th), Rachel Maclean, MP for Redditch County, has praised the work coaches for their life-changing work.

Rachel visited the Job Centre’s new home at Redditch Library to meet with Debra Mason and Kim Brimfield, Managers of the Job Centre, to discuss the roll out of Universal Credit in Redditch.

With a 48% drop in the claimant count in Redditch since 2010, Rachel was told how Universal Credit enables the work coaches to work more closely with people who have much more complex needs and issues.

Rachel said: “A lot has been said about Universal Credit, but what I’ve heard first-hand from Job Centre staff is that those who have been languishing on benefits for decades, who should be working, are now being helped back into work as Universal Credit enables the work coaches to actively engage with the long-term unemployed.

“Unlike the system the Government inherited from the Labour Party, Universal Credit can be changed and improved to respond to claimants needs. Work coaches directly engage with claimants to put together a bespoke plan to get them back into work by offering them training and access to services such as mental health support.

“Universal Credit is preventing people from being trapped on a life on benefits by getting them back into work, upskilling claimants and improving their lives for the better.”