On Tuesday (June 18th), Rachel hosted the Redditch based charity, Disability Support Project (DSP), in Westminster and organised a meeting with the Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson.

The DSP support claimants of Universal Credit who may require extra assistance. This can include claimants who are awaiting a response or even those who are appealing the decision made. DSP also provides technological support for the application process, but also emotional support to those who may be struggling.

The meeting gave the fantastic volunteers from DSP an opportunity to discuss some of the concerns and ideas they had regarding Universal Credit including accessibility and customer experience, as well as ways in which charities can work alongside local Job Centres to ensure the roll out of Universal Credit is correct and fair.

Rachel said:

“It was brilliant to have Disability Support Project up in Westminster. They provide a very useful service in Redditch, helping many vulnerable people.

“They are in a perfect position to inform the Minister and myself on ways we can improve the roll out of Universal Credit, making sure it works fairly for everyone.”

Rachel and the minister were able to address the concerns and issues raised and the Department of Work and Pensions will be liaising with the Redditch based charity in the future.