During Prime Minister’s Question Time on Wednesday, May 9th, Theresa May joined Rachel in congratulating Redditch Conservatives on their stunning election victory in the Borough Council elections.

Last Friday, Redditch Conservatives stormed to victory after winning seven of the ten seats up for grabs in the local elections to take control of Redditch Borough Council. After all the results were declared across England, Redditch Borough Council was the only local authority in the country to move directly from Labour to Conservative control.

And, during PMQs this afternoon (May 9th), Rachel asked the Prime Minister if she would join her in congratulating Redditch Conservatives on their election success and to praise the Conservative councillors, candidates and activists on running a positive campaign to unlock Redditch.

In response to Rachel’s question, Theresa May said: “I am very happy to join my hon. Friend in congratulating the newly elected Conservative councillors. I gave a list of councils earlier where people had rejected Labour, like Barnet, Dudley and Peterborough. I can add Redditch to that list, and indeed other councils around the country. Many congratulations to her, to those councillors and to all the volunteers and activists who work so hard.”

Speaking after PMQs, Rachel said: “I’m absolutely delighted the Prime Minister has recognised the hard work and success of all the Conservative councillors, candidates and activists here in Redditch. It was very clear the Prime Minister was thrilled with the news that Redditch Borough Council has moved from Labour to Conservative control.

“I wanted to make sure that the party locally got the recognition they all deserved by making sure everyone in the House of Commons heard about their success.

“The winning candidates truly deserved their victory after running such a positive campaign focused on local issues and town centre regeneration. There was no scaremongering, just a true passion and desire to unlock Redditch and release the full potential of our town.

“I also extended an invite to Theresa May to visit our beautiful town and I look forward to welcoming the Prime Minister to Redditch when her diary permits.”