Rachel said: “Funding bids aren’t always as black and white as some would have you believe. 

“Redditch will still benefit from the County Council’s all-electric bus town bid. If their bid is successful, it will still mean that Redditch’s bus fleet, because they serve Bromsgrove also, will be converted to electric too. So yes, Redditch will still get electric buses if the bid is successful which is fantastic news. I’m determined to make Redditch a greener and cleaner place to live.

“I will never apologise for being ambitious for Redditch. Whenever new funding is announced or projects are launched, I’m always first to knock on the Minister’s door lobbying hard for our town and to ensure, at the very least, we’re in the running. Does this always work? No. But I’d rather be proactive then just to sit idly by watching these funding pots come and go and not even trying to get anything for Redditch.

“This approach has paid off. I secured the Town Deal worth up to £25 million for Redditch and I secured the additional capital funding for the Alex.”