After extensive lobbying of Ministers, Rachel has welcomed today’s announcements that West Mercia Police will receive up to £16.2million in extra funding.

Rachel has previously called for an increase in police funding and today the Government announced the biggest annual increase in police funding since 2010. The Government is increasing funding available to Police & Crime Commissioners by up to £813million, if PCCs use their precept flexibility fully.

Combined with increases in counter-terrorism policing funding, as well as investments in serious and organised crime, this means an increase in total police funding in 2019/20 of £970million.

For West Mercia, the announcement today means the force could see funding increases of £16.2million – this includes an extra £2.3million in Government funding, with the rest raised through the PCCs precept flexibility.

Today’s provisional funding settlement for 2019/20 builds on this year’s total increase in police funding of £460million.

Rachel said: “I called for more police funding and West Mercia is getting more funding. I extensively lobbied Ministers on this issue and I’m glad they have listened and acted on calls from my constituents for more police funding.

“Our Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, has also welcomed today’s announcement and is clear in his belief that this Government is delivering for West Mercia.

“As I’ve said before, I want to see this increase in police funding directed towards increasing police officer numbers even further. A key driver in making residents feel safe in their communities is a visible police presence, and this is what I hope to see from increased police funding.”

It was announced in today’s local government finance settlement that, after extensive lobbying from Rachel, Redditch Borough Council will no longer have to pay back the ‘negative Revenue Support Grant.’

The settlement also includes an increase in Core Spending Power for local authorities from £45.1billion in 2018/19 to £46.4billion in 2019/20 – a cash increase of 2.8%. For Worcestershire County Council this means a £12.9million increase in Core Spending Power next year.

On top of that, Worcestershire County Council will receive a £2.4million Adult Social Care Winter Pressures Grant and a Social Care Support Grant of £4.1million in 2019/20.

It was also revealed today that the County Council made a successful bid to take part in the 75% Business Rates Retention Pilot next year. This pilot could help the authority raise an additional £4.1million.

Rachel added: “Since my local Conservative colleagues took control of Redditch Borough Council in May, I’ve been working very closely with them to lobby the Government on the ‘negative Revenue Support Grant.’ Our concerns have been listened to, acted on and I’m sure my colleagues in Redditch will join me in welcoming today’s announcement that our Borough Council no longer has to pay this money.

“We’re all aware of the pressures facing social care – I have personal family experience of this – which is why the extra funding announced today for social care is so important. Worcestershire alone is receiving £6.5million in extra social care funding.

“I’m sure the Core Spending Power announcement will also be welcomed by Worcestershire County Council and will enable to continue to provide quality services for my constituents in Redditch.”