Last night (February 5th), Rachel voted for the biggest increase in police funding since 2010, as well as a real-terms increase in funding for local councils.

The police settlement for 2019/20 will see West Mercia Police receive £2.3 million in Government funding, a £2.1 million grant to assist with increased pension costs and it also provides the force’s Police & Crime Commissioner with the ability to raise £12 million through his council tax precept flexibility.

By voting for the settlement last night, Rachel has ensured Government grant funding to West Mercia is protected in real-terms in 2019/20.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party voted against the biggest increase in funding for our police since 2010.

West Mercia’s Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, has already revealed his plans to recruit an additional 215 police officers – taking the force’s police officer numbers to their highest level in six years.

Rachel said: “I consistently lobbied for more funding for the police. The Government listened and last night I voted for the biggest increase in police funding since 2010.

“It’s shameful the Labour Party decided to play party politics by voting against this funding boost. I hope they’ll explain why they did this to our hard-working police officers in West Mercia and across the country.

 And last night, Rachel voted for an increase in Core Spending Power for local authorities from £45.1 billion in 2018/19 to £46.4 billion in 2019/20 – a cash increase of 2.8%. For Worcestershire County Council this means a £12.9 million increase in Core Spending Power next year.

On top of that, Worcestershire County Council will receive a £2.4 million Adult Social Care Winter Pressures Grant and a Social Care Support Grant of £4.1million in 2019/20.

The settlement also included the County Council’s successful bid to take part in the 75% Business Rates Retention Pilot next year. This pilot could help the authority raise an additional £4.1 million.

And, after extensive lobbying from Rachel, Redditch Borough Council will no longer have to pay back the ‘negative Revenue Support Grant.’ This was confirmed after a majority of MPs, including Rachel, voted for the local government funding settlement.

Once again, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party voted against a real-terms increase in funding for local councils.

Rachel added: “Since my local Conservative colleagues took control of Redditch Borough Council last May, I’ve been working very closely with them to lobby the Government on the ‘negative Revenue Support Grant.’ Our concerns were listened to, acted on and I’m sure my colleagues in Redditch will join me in welcoming the fact they’ll no longer have to pay this grant back following last night’s vote.

“Labour’s decision to vote against a real-terms increase in funding for local councils shows they will always put politics above people. This settlement gives councils in Redditch and Worcestershire more funding to deliver the local services residents need, whilst keeping council tax low.”