Rachel has hailed the passing of landmark legislation which will improve the support available to victims of domestic abuse.

On Tuesday (April 27th), the Domestic Abuse Bill completed all stages of the parliamentary process. The Bill is the most comprehensive package ever presented to Parliament to tackle domestic abuse, both supporting victims and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Included in the Bill is a new duty on councils to ensure victims and their children are able to access life-saving support in safe accommodation.

To support this new duty which will come into effect later this year, the Government has awarded Worcestershire County Council £1,092,703. This will be used to help ensure victims and their children who need it are able to access life-saving support such as therapy, advocacy and counselling in safe accommodation, including refuges.

This funding follows the £25 million allocated to local charities across England and Wales last year which support victims of domestic abuse and sexual violence, as well as £3 million to recruit more Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs).

The Sandycroft Centre in Redditch was one of the charities to benefit from this funding. In total the Sandycroft was awarded £51,963.

In welcoming the passing of this landmark legislation, Rachel said:

“Domestic abuse is a heinous crime, one which leaves a significant impact not only on its victims, but also their loved ones, and in this Government’s continued efforts to tackle this issue, we want to protect and empower victims and survivors in rebuilding their lives.

“The passing of the Domestic Abuse Bill is a giant step forward for victims of domestic abuse.

“This funding will help ensure victims and their children in Redditch can access vital support such as therapy and advocacy in safe accommodation, placing a new duty on councils as a key part of our landmark Domestic Abuse Bill.

“It’s also important to remember the vital and important work of charities who support victims of domestic abuse. Having visited the Sandycroft Centre I have heard for myself the vital work the centre does in providing care for domestic abuse survivors. It’s a lifeline for so many people and I thank them for everything they do to support domestic abuse survivors.”