Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust will be in a significantly better position to cope with an increase in pressures this Winter, Rachel has said after it was confirmed more acute hospital beds will be made available.

Thanks in part to Rachel and her fellow Worcestershire MPs’ lobbying efforts, last month the Department for Health and Social Care approved the Trust’s bid for £8million to increase bed capacity.

The £8million, a further advance on the capital funding promised to the Acute Trust in 2017, will be used to accelerate the refurbishment of the Aconbury East Building at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Construction of the link bridge to the Aconbury East Building is already underway, and now the Trust can get on with refurbishing the ward after their £8million funding bid was confirmed.

By December this year, it will mean more acute beds will be available to treat patients with more complex needs. This will represent an increase in the Trust’s overall acute bed capacity during the coming Winter compared to the same period last year.

These new beds will enable the Acute Trust to tackle the immediate pressures facing A&E, as well as putting in place longer term solutions which will help their preparations for Winter.
Rachel said: “Our local hospitals continue to be a top priority for me, especially as we are all aware of the current situation they are in.

“After meeting with the Trust’s Chairman, David Nicholson, and the Chief Executive, Michelle McKay, it’s clear these new acute beds will put the Trust in a significantly improved position this coming Winter compared to what we all saw last year.

“I will of course be monitoring the situation closely and will be holding further meetings with the Trust as they put together their Winter plan. No one wants to see a repeat of last year, and I hope these new acute beds will ensure it doesn’t.”